About Us

The mix of skills is what makes our team unique.

We focus on creating and maintaining customer relationships based on understanding and trust. Through the years of working within the business to business market we have created efficient and reliable processes, which makes cooperation with our customers well organized and effective.

We are eager to find the best solution  that will enhance your brand and marked value. Therefore, we always begin by understanding your requirements as well as your company and the industry you operate in.

Only when we have analysed gathered insight we start creating the solution.

Our team has expertise in different design fields, such as apparel design, graphic design, communication design, new media, 3D space and a lot more. Furthermore, we are experienced in creating a brand from scratch and have also worked with existing brands from a variety of industries.

It is our priority to deliver a solution which meet your expectations. Therefore, we take care of the logistic process and production. At Milk Contemporary we take it from the idea to the final product.

The Team

Michael Brandt

Founder & CEO
Michael has an entrepreneurial spirit, endless energy and is not afraid of challenges. He is a person, who never says no and is great at getting things done.

As a graduate of International Business form Schiller International University in Heidelberg and a business owner he has strong skills in creating and executing Business Strategy, Product Management and development as well as marketing and logistic.

Michael has an experience as Project Leader in Calsberg group, Product Manager & Purchaser at Pobra and was a Board Member in multiple companies.

His experience and personality makes him great at pursuing things. He loves having multiple projects in the pipeline and eager to constantly improve.


Malene is a multi-creative designer loaded with curiosity and passion. She is filled with a designer’s empathy and motivated by coming up with new ideas.
In 2000 she graduated from Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen and ever since has been occupied with her creativity.

Malene worked as an illustrator, painter, costumier, business visualizer, graphic designer and apparel designer. She has 7 years of experience teaching fashion design at the Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design and the Fashion Design Academy.

Since 2012 she has been occupied with business visualizing consultancy, corporate identity, design (apperal and graphic) for private businesses and communication offices.


Art Director
Anne-Katrine is passionate about design, people, dialogue and believes that design comes from communication. She is a great listener and discovering people’s needs is the motivational factors for her.